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Humane Society Responsive Website

My Role: I was the lead UX designer and researcher, wearing all the hats to really understand the full process.


Goal: The goal was to make the adoption process more streamlined and to have the website be more user centered no matter which screen size you access the site.

Research: Unmoderated usability studies were conducted at various stages of the design process.

Users: People already using the Humane Society website, looking to add new furry friends to their family. Most users would be between the ages of 20 and 65.

Info Architecture and Wireframes

Using Adobe XD, I was able to start designing the layout of the responsive website and digital wireframes while still keeping in mind the current layout and designs of the existing website. I wanted to stay true to the branding of the Humane Society while making the website more user friendly.

Home Page .jpg

Adding Functionality

One insight from current users was that the site wasn't very user friendly. I worked to streamline the information provided and make navigation easier to figure out. I also made sure to focus the user experience on finding, sharing and ultimately starting the adoption process.

Lessons Learned

Users felt the design was better overall for helping them start the adoption process. However, working with a company that already has branding, colors and content made it harder to come up with a design that worked for their needs as well as the user. It was a great reminder of the obstacles you can face in the design world.

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