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Hello, I'm Stephanie, Artist and Designer.

Two sides of the same coin, my abilities in fine art and digital design often work hand in hand to help me create beautiful and functional works of art.




I have been drawing since I can remember and have loved creating art from a young age. From the days of finger paints and macaroni creations in 1st grade to lessons of Monet and paintings larger than the table in high school, art has always been my favorite class. 

While in college, I went down the communications path and began learning about creating digital works of art to help businesses express themselves and find their customers.

Today I create both types of art, often letting my skills from one influence the other. My attention to details, my extensive knowledge of visual design techniques and my ability to create a polished and cohesive look helps me both in fine art and design.

Though I take my work seriously, I take each day with a dose of humor. I love to eat pizza, adventure through the woods, sew my own Halloween costumes and take all the glory in a game of Catan with friends.

Professional Portrait of Stephanie Sales

I am currently open to work opportunities and I am always willing to consider contracts or commissions. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss.


I also have artwork for sale and still do Custom Pet Portraits. Just reach out for more information.


I look forward to hearing from you!


T: 828.507.5695

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